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Geeks On Repair will never ask you for money up front or charge you for services before we have first initiated repairs on your device(s).

Geeks On Repair is an Independent Service provider for software related issues and  hardware related issues on desktops, laptops, TVs and peripherals. Geeks On Repair is not affiliated with any other GEEK company, in any manner, whatsoever.

Geeks On Repair recommends support from the respective OEM as similar tech help may be provided by the brand owner.

Geeks On Repair has service technicians in many cities, towns and counties across the continental United States. Some are our own company technicians, while others are outsourced or contracted technicians. All technicians who work for us, or through us, have all signed an agreement with Geeks On Repair, before or after their first job, agreeing that they will only perform work under the name Geeks On Repair when dealing with our customers, and that they will treat all our customers with the highest level of  respect and professionalism. They have all been made aware that failure to give Geeks On Repair customers the highest level of service could result in loss of pay, termination of future work with us, and public posts of company or customer reviews regarding their rating and level of service. They have also agreed to not have direct communication with our customers before or after the work for our customer has been completed, unless preapproved by Geeks On Repair management.

Geeks On Repair will not be held liable for any situation that may arise outside of the applicable transaction that customer and Geeks On Repair have agreed upon prior to techs arrival or initiation of repair. We will not have any liability for any merchandise or services a technician and customer agree to sell and/or purchase outside of Geeks On Repair.

Under no circumstances shall Geeks On Repair be held liable for for any special, incidental, indirect , or consequential damages, losses, or causes of action for more than the purchase price of any items or services customer purchased in the applicable transaction.

Due to the volatile nature of computer performance, and different points of view regarding performance or who damaged what and at what time the damage occurred, customer agrees that Geeks On Repair will not be held liable for any incidental, consequential, or accidental damages that may be caused when a tech we send you or assign to you, whether it be our in house tech, company tech, or an outsourced tech, doesn't live up to customers expectations or isn't able to resolve the issues customer needs resolved. We will only warranty our work if it turns out to be the same exact problem we first set out to fix. We offer warranty up to 7 calendar days for computer services, and up to 30 calendar days for TV/Audio install services. Warranty start date is right after customer has paid for service in question. By making a payment to Geeks On Repair, a customer agrees that our technician performed the work to the customers satisfaction, otherwise Geeks On Repair management needs to be made aware that the customer is not satisfied BEFORE payment is made, not after. Failure to contact management about any dissatisfaction with our techs service before or during customer's
payment for services rendered will result in customer having to write an emailed request explaining why the dissatisfaction with the technician, and why customer feels they should be credited for the service. *Geeks On Repair does not accept charge backs
and customer agrees to pay for any and all services. *No Refunds, however if one of our techs was the problem, we will give customer another tech free of charge over initial price paid for 1st techs work. This is subject to management approval and that customer be willing to write and sign an emailed request form as to why they feel first tech did not meet their expectations.

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