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Geeks On Repair Technicians

Date: August 2, 2016 Category: Uncategorized

Geeks On Repair only hires the best technicians.
By the time a Geeks On Repair tech has completed his first job with us , he has signed an agreement with Geeks On Repair allowing us to run a background check on him or her.
Also by then they know and are well aware that they will be held accountable for any mishaps they create with Geeks On Repair customers computers and or devices. This is the main reason all our jobs go smoothly and why there never are any mishaps with our customers computers and devices.
All our techs know that there will not be a second job , if they do not sign and agree to our rigid terms and conditions that has EVERYTHING to do with our customers safety and satisfaction.

Call Geeks On Repair today, customer satisfaction is our business !

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