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Ransomware Has Taken Your Computer Hostage?

Ransomware is reaching pandemic proportions. Sadly, if you get infected you don’t have many options: 1) pay the ransom or 2) roll back to a clean backup. Pretty simple stuff, but this misses the mark. Increasingly, hackers are going after your crowned jewels – your SQL database, your Exchange server, and your customer data. If […]


Today, viruses are a real nightmare for any internet user. Among them, some called “Trojan” viruses are the most prevalent. Its name comes from the mythological Trojan horse which appeared to be a gift to Troy, but hid inside a Greek army, that later attacked, and the city it attacked then fell like dominoes. In […]

Has Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Planted Spyware On Your Computer?

Has Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Planted Spyware On Your Computer? If ever you have left your computer or cell phone at the disposition of your significant other , and you already know this person to “be the type”, then it is very possible. Although I will say the possibility of this having happened has more […]

Trojan Virus, Spyware, and Ransomware Removal

It’s no joke folks , viruses , spyware and RANSOMEWARE are lurking everywhere in cyber space , and they come in many forms. Unfortunately once you have acquired one , only someone with good working knowledge of how your operating system works will be able to rid you of it. Hence a good computer repair […]

Geeks On Repair Technicians

Geeks On Repair only hires the best technicians. By the time a Geeks On Repair tech has completed his first job with us , he has signed an agreement with Geeks On Repair allowing us to run a background check on him or her. Also by then they know and are well aware that they […]

Geeks On Repair is the Best!

I was looking for Computer Repair Near Me, but also a company that can put together and successfully complete a Home Theater Installation. I found Geeks On Repair. The Geeks On Repair technician who arrived taught me how to Set Up My Wifi, and also How To Make My Computer Faster. I told the Geeks […]

GEEKS ON REPAIR is proud to say, as of October 22nd 2015

we have implemented a new feature on our website that allows us to upload recorded phone calls we make to our existing customers asking them to answer questions about how they liked our Geeks On Repair company and services. Since so many other companies post false customer reviews on their website and pay outside companies […]

Geeks On Repair Gives Away Another Tablet!

We have picked a winner for the month of February , Mr Jeff Barham has been raffled out as our lucky winner of a brand new Samsung tablet for the month of February 2016! Keep up the good work Geeks On Repair! Our techs really are the best !

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