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Operating System Hacked, Computer Infected

Although there has been a lot of effort and money put into creating secure operating systems for our many machines, the hopes of full protection from viruses, infections, worms and more is still unattainable.

It is true things aren’t as bad as in the past, where hackers were able to do and undo at will, things have gotten better, but,  the reality is that despite the passage of time and the advance of versions, security problems are still very present, and even today,  it is still absolutely necessary to have a powerful antivirus and other applications that complement security.

Added to this, we must bear in mind that hackers always take advantage of the launching of new versions of operating systems, to find holes in the security of new and so unknown programs.

A new version of the operating system brings a huge amount of changes and in those changes is where there is room for failure, and in those failures is where the vulnerabilities might be found, hence our recommendation is always to keep your equipment updated, so if ultimately you do run into trouble ,  we will be able to deal with less virus and problems instead of more.

If the worst does happen, and you find your machine hacked or infected, we are here for you.

Here is a list of just some of the things our great techs can handle for you and your machines the day you get infected:

Kill malicious processes, even hidden ones

Stop malicious services

Remove malicious DLLs from processes

Remove auto start entries, including those from the registry

Delete records hijacks

Solve DNS hijacks

Solve Proxy hijacks

Fix Host hijacks

Solve problems in the boot sector (MBR)

Restore the damages caused