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REMOVE TROJAN VIRUS - Today, viruses are a real nightmare for any internet user. Among them, some called "Trojan" viruses are the most prevalent. Its name comes from the mythological Trojan horse which appeared to be a gift to Troy, but hid inside a Greek army, that later attacked, and the city it attacked then fell like dominoes. In computing, the Trojans refer to programs that appear to be useful software but actually endanger security and can harm your computer. Trojans spread when users open a program they believe is a legitimate source but is not.

Some signs that our computer is infected with a Trojan:

1- computer restarts on its own;
2. system works very slowly;
3. operating system will not boot;
4- files have disappeared;
5- you have open windows with advertisements or pornography.
General procedure so you can remove them from your computer.

Remove Trojan viruses

1. Download and install an updated antivirus. Here are the best free antivirus

There are many versions available "free" antivirus. One that can be recommended is AVG Anti-Virus, which does not take up too much space and is easy to use.

2. Disconnect from internet whether you use an ADSL modem, a network interface card or plate  wi-fi.

3. Open your web browser and delete the cache and cookies.

To delete cookies in Internet Explorer follow these steps: Tools >> Internet Options >> in the General tab choose "Delete Cookies". Pc ask if "you want to delete all cookies in the folder of temporary Internet files?" Click OK.
To clear the cache in Internet Explorer complete the following steps: Tools >> Internet Options >> in the General tab select Delete Files. Estate sure he labeled the box that says "Delete all offline content". Click OK.
4. Restart the computer in "safe mode"

- For this, just you see the Windows logo when booting, you must press F8 and choose among the options of the operating system "Start safe mode"

5. It is important that if you are using Windows 7 or Windows XP, you disable System Restore or the "System Restore".

- Sometimes viruses can hide files in the System Restore, in which case we enable the restoration by turning off the antivirus. This can effectively remove those files. Note that when disabling System Restore , previous restore points are lost, which means you will not have the option to restore the system to a previous date when the system was working normally.
6. Make a full scan of the computer. This may take some time (depends on how much information you have on your computer for antivirus check). Be patient and give it time to do its work program.


7. If you see that the virus is giving you trouble when trying to remove it, you will have to run MSCONFIG, and then find what program that loads the operating system startup is also responsible for loading the infected file.

- Here you will find instructions on how to use MSCONFIG.

8. After all viruses have been quarantined or removed , restart the PC, connect to the Internet, and once running Windows, choose "windows Update" to download the updates that are recommended for your computer.

Some tips to keep viruses away from your computer:

1. Do not open attachments that come with an e-mail, unless you're absolutely sure they are not infected. Even emails that you think safe, may contain viruses from people that you know and do not iintend to send you a virus, so stay alert.

2. Stay away from websites of questionable content.

3. Be careful when downloading things using P2P file-sharing programs (Peer to Peer). Always scan files you downloaded before opening.

4. Maintain updated version of Microsoft Windows through Windows Update.

5. Keep your antivirus updated and make periodic scans.

6. Install a firewall (or firewalls). The firewall is a security device that works across networks, allowing or denying transmissions from one network to another.

7. Do not install any software unless you know who the manufacturer is. When in doubt, look for the program name on Google.

8. If you have internet explorer as your browser, Change Internet Explorer, to some other browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

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