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5 Ways to Find the Best Local Computer Repair Services

There’s nothing worse than having a damaged laptop or computer.

Having a faulty PC is stressful enough on its own, and finding a local computer repair shop you trust can be just as stressful.

Depending on your area, high-quality computer repair options may be few and far between, and you may be inclined to settle for less than you’d like. 

Luckily for you, we’ve done our homework and compiled some of the most useful tips for finding the best computer repair services. Stick around to get your computer the help it needs.


Local Computer Repair Services


1. Troubleshoot First

Before seeking out local computer repair services, make sure you actually need them. Troubleshooting properly can surprisingly solve a myriad of computer problems, and potentially save you a lot of time and money.

Moreover, it’s important to take the time to back up your files properly if you’re able to. Some

computer repair shops will take the initiative to do so themselves, but this service is not guaranteed nor is it free. 

However, know when it’s time to take your computer in to see a professional. If you can’t open your operating system at all or access your files whatsoever, it’s best to take your computer in as soon as possible.


2. Budget

Make sure before you pick up the phone to call your local computer repair shop you have a set budget in mind. Some companies will take advantage of a frantic, stressed customer as a way to upsell them a service they may not actually need. 

Decide on how soon you need your computer back and what aspects of the computer are most important to you: Are you looking to preserve the hardware body of your device, or is it more important to preserve the files and information you have stored in your computer’s internal memory?

Consider your budget as well. Sometimes a repair to a computer or laptop can cost more than half of the price of the device itself. What’s your backup plan in case the proposed repair is outside of your means?

How far are you willing to travel? Does your perspective technician provide on-site repairs or only on-site? Do they offer walk-in appointments? 

Although details such as these ones may seem largely insignificant, it’s important to get your priorities straight in order to get your computer the most effective support possible. The more details you can give your local computer repair shop, the more likely they are to serve you effectively and efficiently. 

Not to mention, thinking ahead can help you to put your mind at ease during this period of intense stress. 

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3. Word of Mouth

The best way to find any service, including computer repair, is through word of mouth. Getting recommendations from people you trust can quickly turnover results, and help ensure your computer is fixed properly.

If possible, try to get a specific name from your family member or friend. When you contact the local computer repair shop, ask for that particular technician and explain you were referred by someone you trust. Using specific names builds credibility, making your potential technician even more motivated to fix your problem properly. 

In addition, some companies offer a referral discount for you or your friend, and sometimes both! It’s a win-win situation, making word of mouth one of the most effective ways to find quality computer repair. 


4. Bigger isn’t always better

You may assume that a larger computer company is the better choice for your computer. Though this could be correct in some scenarios, sometimes larger conglomerates lack personalized care which is exactly what you need when dealing with something as delicate as a computer. 

Moreover, many larger repair service companies are more expensive, simply because of their more well-known personal brand. If possible, try not to look to electronic superstores for repair.  Though some of the staff may be equipped to take on your repair properly, it may take a much longer period of time to get your repaired device back since these employees have so many varied responsibilities. 

If you’re able to, look for a repair shop that specializes in computers. The more the niche, the better: For example, there are some computer repair technicians that will focus solely on Macs and Apple computers. Generally speaking, the more niche a company is, the more likely they are to offer quality service. ‘

5. Online reviews 

If you’re in a pinch, look for online reviews in Google searches or crowd-sourced sites like Trust Pilot. Even sites that were originally used just for food reviews, such as now offer reviews on local businesses. 

Some of these reviews will also include names of specific technicians and associates, making them potentially just as useful as getting a referral through word of mouth. 

Make sure before you commit to a service you go to the host website of the computer repair shop to decide whether or not all of the services or you need are included in what they can offer. When in doubt, pick up the phone- Sometimes a quick phone consultation helps you get a sense of exactly what kind of repair quality you’ll be looking at.

Look for local computer repair shop reviews that gush over an establishment’s level of customer service. Generally speaking, companies that invest in a high level of customer care are also the most determined to provide the highest level of service. 

We know first hand that finding a trustworthy computer repair service can be stressful. Our computers are often an extension of ourselves nowadays, and losing that access can understandably cause you to panic. Hopefully, these tips put you on the right path to getting your laptop or PC fixed quickly and effectively.

If you’re ever in doubt, we’d be happy to offer you a consultation over the phone by calling  1-(800) 674-9418. Geeks On Repair is ready to respond to any and all of your repair needs with care. We’re here to help!