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5 Troubleshooting tips before going to a Computer Repair Shop

Computer Repair ShopNowadays, it’s almost impossible to get by without a reliable computer. Laptop and computer problems can be extremely stressful and lead to obstructions in our work and personal lives.


If your computer or laptop is acting up, don’t panic.

Before you frantically type Computer Repair Near Me frantically into your cell phone, try out some of these common troubleshooting techniques.


Although many of these tips are simple in nature, they could be just what you need to get your computer up and running again so you can at least back up your files before undergoing a more extensive repair.


1.   Reboot

Although it may seem fairly obvious, restarting/rebooting your computer is an important part of maintaining your computer’s health. Restarting your computer flushes your RAM which helps your computer run tasks more efficiently by removing the excess temporary data your RAM may be focusing on.

Moreover, restarting your computer helps relinquish any “memory leaks” your computer may have. Some programs and web browsers borrow your computers RAM to run in the background or save preferences/history created during your most recent computer session. If running effectively, these programs will return the borrowed memory when closed, but occasionally outdated programs can result in leaks which can only be restored with a restart of the computer.

Be sure to check for any system updates as well. Large system updates typically require a reboot, which can slow down your device considerably if left unchecked.

Searching for “computer repair near me” is always a good idea, but you should always reboot your computer initially as it will serve as the foundation for any additional repairs anyway. You’d be surprised how much a simple restart can do, and some tech experts recommend making computer restarts a part of your daily routine.

2.   Check Task Manager and run a Virus Scan

Before checking your computer into a physical repair shop, it’s important to determine whether or not the issue is the computer itself, or particular software or program. You can use the task manager to prevent yourself from scrambling to find a computer repair near me.

On Windows, simply press ctrl + alt + delete and select “task manager”. Alternatively, type task manager by clicking the start menu and typing “task manager” into the search bar.

On an Apple Mac, press command + spacebar to open up spotlight search. From here, type in “Activity Monitor”.

Within Task Manager and Activity Monitor, you should be able to see the amount of CPU each application is currently taking up. It can be surprising how many programs will take up CPU even when not in direct use.

To assist your computer, consider quitting these programs or removing them altogether if they are outdated. If you’re unable to exit out of these programs from the application yourself, you should be able to force quit within the task manager or activity monitor by selecting “end task” or selecting the X in the top left-hand corner and selecting “quit” on Macs.

In addition to checking your task manager, try to run your antivirus software and check for any bugs. Malware can take up a considerable amount of data in addition to infecting your computer, and will keep you constantly searching for computer repair near me.



3.   Use the Power of the Internet

Our blog updated weekly has a number of solutions to help solve any issues before having to resort to asking where you can find a “computer repair near me”. In addition to our own site, there are tons of helpful links that can be accessed through a quick Google search.

Computer Repair Near Me

In the age of Youtube, you have access to many online tutorials often catered to your particular problem. There are numerous channels dedicated specifically to the upkeep of computers, so taking a quick look is definitely worth your while.

Just remember to save and backup all of your files if possible before troubleshooting your computer. Hopefully, it won’t come to the point where your hard drive is compromised, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Our company also offers immediate onsite support by calling our toll free number 1-(800) 674-9418. If nothing else, we can help guide you in the right direction.


4.   Eliminate Unnecessary Programs

Before you run to find computer repair near me use the process of elimination to your advantage. Try to think about whether or not any of the programs you have installed have caused a drastic change in performance. Even if the changes seemed somewhat small, it’s worth examining whether or not they are worth having on your computer.

Whenever possible, make a habit of removing programs and files that you no longer have a need for. These files can easily rack up over time and slow down your computer’s performance.

If you’re unsure of where to start, open up task manager or activity monitor (See step #2 above) where you have a clear view of all of your programs along with the CPU they’re currently using and how much memory they take up. Start by eliminating larger unnecessary programs first and work your way down.

However simple, eliminating unnecessary programs on your computer on a regular basis can keep you from scrambling to find “computer repair near me”. Just like you maintain your physical health, keeping your computer healthy and clear is also important.


5.   Reinstall your Operating System

If you had the chance to backup all your needed files and programs, it can be beneficial to reinstall your operating system before looking for a computer repair near me. Updated Windows and Macs make it easier than ever before to do so, and it can make a huge difference in your computer’s performance.

For Windows, first, check to make sure that your Microsoft account is linked with your Windows product key. This is important as your Windows preferences are tied with your Microsoft account. Again, double-check to make sure your files are properly secured and backed up on an external drive.

Go to start + settings + Reset this PC. You’ll have the option of whether or not you want to keep your files in place. Programs will automatically be reset.

For Mac, also make sure your files are secure on an external drive. Restart your computer, and press Command + R keys simultaneously until the utility window pops up. Select “reinstall operating system”.

Some computer users swear by doing this at least once a year to keep their computers running efficiently and prevent themselves from having to make the dreaded computer repair near me search.

Computer Repair Shop

If all else fails, be sure to contact a computer repair shop you trust. There’s no shame in asking for help, and a quick computer repair near me search will have you assured that there are plenty of technicians ready to help you fix your problem.

Feel free to reach out to us via our phone number or online portal- Geeks On Repair is unique in that we come to you, so in any event of a computer crisis, you won’t have to worry about leaving the comfort of your home.