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Date: October 25, 2015 Category: GEEKS ON REPAIR Tags: ,

We are proud to say, as of October 22nd 2015 we have implemented a new feature on our website that allows us to upload recorded phone calls we make to our existing customers asking them to answer questions about how they liked our Geeks On Repair company and services.

Since so many other companies post false customer reviews on their website and pay outside companies to create and generate "fake" customer reviews, we are now actively recording our follow up phone calls with existing customers after they have first been serviced by Geeks On Repair.

With each customers permission, we are uploading these recorded calls to our  existing "Testimonials" page:


Visitors to our website and potential future customers are now able to not only read quotes from every single customer who gives us their testimonial, they are now also able to listen to the streaming audio recording of each phone call with that customer who gave Geeks On Repair their personal testimonial and review.

We are very proud and very happy to have come up with this great idea, and only wish we had thought of it years ago when we first started using our website for marketing purposes.

Geeks On Repair is dedicated to your full satisfaction , it truly is our great pleasure to make you another one of our many thousands of  happy existing Geeks On Repair customers.

It won't be long before our competitors start copying us like they have been known to do with our innovative ideas in the past

But for now enjoy LISTENING to our customer testimonials by going to the "testimonials" tab of our website you are currently on right now. Here is the link for you to click on or copy and paste to your web address bar, to help you get to it if you don't feel like looking for it:

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