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Our Customer Yelp Reviews!

Date: June 2, 2018 Category: Reviews Tags:

Our Customer Yelp Reviews!

Our Customer Yelp Reviews! - please read our yelp reviews.
Our Customer Yelp Reviews!yelp non approved reviews

YELP has some issue with allowing new users to post publicly on their YELP reviews page and  website , subsequently some of our customers went to YELP to post about us , and YELP decided to not publish their posts.

We think this is wrong , since these are actual customers of ours that took the time to write about their experience with us, and weren't allowed to share their experience.

So we have taken it upon ourselves to take snapshots of our customers comments on YELP and post their comments here on our website.

Were not like other computer repair companies that create false testimonials or customer posts, everything with us and about us is genuine.

Click on the snap shot pictures above to read what they had to say about us!

Our Customer Yelp Reviews! Read more about our services.



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