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Geeks On Repair Gave Me A New Tablet!

Date: June 2, 2018 Category: Tablet Giveaway Geeks On Repair Tags:

Geeks On Repair Gave Me A New Tablet!

Geeks On Repair Gave Me A New Tablet! - We have another lucky winner of a brand new tablet.

Mr. Marc Conners is the month of December 2015 lucky winner.

He gave us permission to post his name and Inform everyone he is Decembers winner, but much like Our winner for the month of November 2015 ( Michael States), he does not wish to upload his picture.

That is perfectly fine and understandable, and we here at Geeks On Repair want all past winners and more importantly, all future winners to know, we do not ask anything of you in return for having been raffled as a winner of a free tablet.

Geeks On Repair Computer Repair, the only computer repair Geeks you will ever need.

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